Medical face masks made in Germany with raw materials from Germany

About RS Mediprotecta GmbH

We, RS Mediprotecta GmbH, are a new, innovative company which produces system relevant medical products. Our face masks are manufactured in Germany with German raw materials. Hereafter even our production machine was manufactured in Germany. It is our goal to secure delivery of high quality facemasks with German certification for Germany and other countries. Together with a strong partner in research and development, we additionaly want to develop innovative products. With a knowledge of over 25 years in the medical product industry we exactly know what is necessary and how to ensure high quality standards and produce innovative products. With our central geographical location in the middle of Germany, Neu-Anspach, we provide short delivery routs to all parts of Germany and a reliable partner for customers in Germany and Europe.

Quality standard

Mediprotecta is specialized in the production of medical face masks according to Germany quality standards. Our masks a certified by Hohenstein Laboratories and match the DIN 14682-2019-10 (or ISO 2206-2204-12 – resistance against fluid splashes Typ IIR). Our masks reach a bacterial filter efficiency of 99.98%. The proven value exceeds the DIN required value for Typ IIR masks significantly and even higher regarding the required standards for FFP2 masks equaling only 94%.
Our masks are concepted to be used in many situations in daily life. Therefore high wearing comfort is essential. The one-way face masks are produced with local raw materials such as fleece and meltblown in different colours (white, pink, green, blue, black) and are authorized in accordance with the EU-Norm (MDR (EU) 2017/745) as medical product. Standard packages contain 50 masks.


RS Mediprotecta GmbH
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61267 Neu-Anspach

Phone: +49 (0) 6081 – 58 52 083
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Our team grants highest safety- and hygiene standards on the single production and packaging steps. Our masks are produced in Hessia, Neu-Anspach, Germany and are lawfully embossed as “Made in Germany”.